Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maura's havin' a baby ♥

My pretty little coworker Maura (she has the most enviable, gorgeous red hair) is pregnant with her first - little Logan is due within the month. To celebrate, we are throwing her a "first floor shower" in the training room.

A couple of months ago, long before the surprise shower was planned, after my "cake class graduation," we joked that I would have to make her cake. Given the number of people who will be attending (and the state of my life at the moment), I didn't have time to make a big rockin' cake, but I did want to surprise her with a little something. After all, the girl sampled every single one of my concoctions on Tuesday mornings, after 4 straight months of Monday night classes.

My idea for this cake took many, many turns. In the end, it was a two-layer 8" square chocolate fudge cake with cookies and cream filling and whipped cream frosting, covered and decorated with fondant (my favorite). I was able to bake the cake and prepare the frosting on Tuesday. Decorating took place during the Idol results show on Thursday. (Poor Michael...)

Congratulations, Maura - may motherhood be all you hope for and more.