Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hot, Hot, HOT

That's how the weather's been around here lately... Lesson learned: If the dew point is above 62%, do not decorate cakes of ANY kind without airconditioning.

Last weekend I got to celebrate the 1st birthday of a very special little boy, Benjamin Henri, son of my pretty friend Michele! The party, like Ben's nursery, was jungle-themed.

The cake was three tiers, all crumbcoated in vanilla frosting and covered/decorated in fondant. Top two tiers were chocolate, middle with a strawberry filling, and bottom tier was vanilla. A little smash cake was also made for the birthday boy.

Ben got some help blowing out the candle from Mom & Dad -

And despite the scorching temps, dessert was enjoyed by all!

A very hearty Thank You! to my lovey, Kim, for her assistance in icing, rolling and general ledge talking.