Friday, February 13, 2009

Congratulations, Kel & Mike Glass!

My wonderful nutmegger friend Kelly got engaged back in January. Her boyfriend Mike (forever dubbed Mr. Glass since she moved to CT to be near him before any of us had even met him!) popped the question atop the Empire State Building in NYC, thereby making an honest woman out of her. ;)

Kel and I, along with the rest of our fearsome foursome Lisa and Michele, used to work together at an advertising agency in Boston. (Kel and I even started on the same day! We used to meet in the ladies room lounge to dish about everyone else. The "photographer," anyone? Wooden beds?) Since she moved eleventy billion years ago, she has come back up to MA to visit us (and, um, her family) but we have never made the trip down to see her. Until now!

What says "Happy Engagement!" more than Tiffany-blue? (The answer: Not much.)

This was my first fondant cake outside of cake class. (Hi Courtney! Hi Cheryl! Miss you guys!) I used a 6" pan, since only 4 of us would be eating it. White cake with strawberry buttercream. The week leading up to our CT mini road trip was kind of a disaster, so I baked on Wednesday night, frosted and made the bow on Thursday, tinted the fondant on Friday, and woke up early Saturday (thanks to Miz Keely) to finish the decorating. Clearly I'm going to have to come up with a better system!

The snowflake cake plate was a Christmas prezzie from my lovey, Kim, and came in really handy for the drive. A regular (rounded) plate would have wobbled too much, and as we (read: Cheryl) learned in cake class, you can't put fondant bows in airtight cake carriers!

Congrats again, Kel! Mad Phat Girliez 4-eva. ♥


  1. LOVE the cake Beth! You are so talented!


  2. This is so pretty. You've got talent, girl!

  3. So cute! And delicious looking.

    Good job girl!

  4. What happens if you put a fondant bow in an airtight cake container??

  5. This cake was AMAZING, so delish...and it tasted even better because it was made with love! Thanks for the blog shout out and for the very special Tiff cake...what are we designing for the wedding??

    :) Kel