Sunday, January 24, 2010

Destination: Memory Lane

This weekend's second cake, also for a bridal shower, came as a referral from a SO very special friend Sherilyn...

Vanilla cake, filled and crumbcoated with vanilla buttercream, covered and decorated with fondant. Purple is one of the wedding colors and daisies are a favorite flower of the bride, whose monogram is L.G.

The delivery location of this cake is a really awesome local restaurant, a place where my high school friends and I would go to do karaoke before we were legally old enough to drink scorpion bowls. We celebrated birthdays and held post-prom parties there. Lots of great memories, which had me walkin' down that funny, sentimental Lane...

Disney World for Spring Break. Don't adjust your monitors - blown out (non-digital) photos and jean overalls were staples of the late 90's!

Our high school gym. As far as I know, the walls are still cobalt & mustard. Erm. I mean "navy & gold." That looks navy & gold to you, right?

Senior Prom. No one will be identified to protect the innocent...

Have fun trying to find yours truly!


  1. I see youuuuuuu. Beautiful work, love.

  2. I see you! :) Can't hide from me Waldo.

  3. Wow. That bow is incredible!

    I think I found you in all of the pictures. The smile gives you away. :)