Thursday, April 9, 2009

What do you call rabbits that live in the North Pole?



Okay, that was in honor of
my friend Bill, who loves crappy jokes.

This Easter I was tasked with - of course - desserts. Since my cousin's (way too pretty for him) girlfriend Jules told me she was bringing TWO chocolate pudding pies, I tried to stay away from chocolate. (I did sneak in oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but they don't count, right?)

I've been itching to do some cute cupcakes, and I couldn't decide on just one decorating theme. So what the hell - I did two. All cupcakes were yellow cake with buttercream frosting.

The first batch:
Covered with white fondant daisies. I made these little guys earlier in the week so they would harden in time. And then I demanded of everyone who came into the kitchen to tell me just how CUTE they were...

The second batch:
Peeps! Cupcakes and Peeps?! You got it. The idea came from one of the many baking blogs I follow. Buttercream was dusted with granulated sugar, then topped with a Peep. So easy! So fun! The question was, do you eat the Peep first, or try to get a little Peep with each bite? ;) (The answer? I tried both!)

Miz Keely was my trusty assistant for this special project -

And the godbaby (at 10.5 months old) got to have his first cuppie on Easter Sunday!

"You've been holding out on me, people. This is MUCH better than pureed peas."


  1. What beautiful cup cakes! You are a very talented lady. I'm so excited to have found your blog - its the ultimate in food porn :-) (yup, I said it...!)

  2. Oh so cute Beth! I love the dainty daisys!

  3. Wow, Beth, you are so talented. Can you be a doll and FedEx me one of those bad boys? Not like I didn't have *enough* sweets already this past weekend. What's one more cuppie?

    Srsly, you should open a bakery!

  4. Love them Beth! They look fantastic!

  5. These are beautiful. Have you ever made cake pops? The cake lollipop things.