Sunday, May 24, 2009


Jacob Thomas is ONE year old! It's almost impossible for me to believe. For his super special birthday party, his loving Auntie B made him his own smash cake -

He was awesome, digging in with both fists and flinging frosting around like a champ. Thomas the Tank got a little taste too.

Cake was 6" chocolate with chocolate frosting and fondant details -

JT, here's to a lifetime of the kind of happiness only cake on your face can bring. xoxo


  1. He went to town! Awesome!

  2. What a fabULOUS auntie you are.

    I shoulda had 1 of those cakes for my 30th in Jan. Hey, I know you told me your bday. Remind me the date again pretty please.

    <----granny memory

  3. Don't make me be the one to tell her, Bethie. :)

  4. This was discussed amongst the adults at the party and none of us sees any reason why 30 year olds cannot smash cake all over themselves. ;)

    My birthday is June 11!

  5. Smash away! I think that's a fabulous idea!