Monday, May 11, 2009

Like Mother...

Yesterday was Mother's Day, so happy happy to those of you who have spawned. In honor of my own mother and grandmother, I made the following -

6" square white cake with strawberries & cream filling, vanilla buttercream and a topping of fresh flowers. Purple tulips and white peonies - which I beyond love! This was also my first attempt at fresh flowers on a cake, which made me nervous, but I did some research and was very pleased with this outcome. I will definitely be using flowers again!

I had brunch at my house, mostly so I could set the table all pretty and use my waffle maker. I never turn down the chance to use my waffle maker!

I definitely inherited my sweet tooth from these two. Mom and Nana, my favorite ladies, each went home with half the leftover cake. ;)


  1. Where's my piece? :)

    LOVE the cake stand!

  2. Beth, these are JUST FABULOUS!

    What a good job you did! :D

    Now my dear... have you considered rates for people ordering cakes from you? ;) Because I have family in Boston! I might want to send them a cake! And guess what--purple and white were their wedding colors! Kismet. :D

  3. Nom Nom.

    And looks so pretty too!

  4. Stunning, gorgeous cake!! And how cute are your mom and gma ;)

  5. Beth, I love the fresh flowers! You will have to share your secret with me. I hope we can find the time to get together soon!