Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pretty Pretty Princess

That's actually one of Keely's many nicknames, but it's also what this cake reminds me of -

My mom turned 28 (again!) today, which is impressive since I will be 28 in about 3 weeks. ;) Her cake was 10" white with strawberries and cream filling, vanilla buttercream rosettes and PINK SPRINKLES. The sprinkles were my favorite part!

The granddog was ready to take a chomp. (She did go counter surfing later and got a beard full of pink frosting. I was So Not Pleased. And I'm sure most of you are So Not Surprised.)

Happy Birthday, Ma!


  1. I love this cake. So girly and beautiful!

  2. gorgeous! You are quite talented!

  3. LOL at pink frosting beard! And so NOT surprised.

    Aw, I want 1 of your birthday cakes. Too bad my bday is nowhere in sight.

    Yours is tho!